Validate and Monitor Your Web Forms

Formstory monitors your forms, validates and saves data for you so you don’t lose any potential leads.


The estimated lost value of leads because of not working or not delivering forms on SMB websites


FormStory data on percentage of forms submitted but not delivered.

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How it works

Enter the URL address

of the website where is the
form you'd like to

Select the form

you want to monitorg

Select what you’ll monitor

when the checks will run.

Get Notified and Saved

of change on your email

FormStory is the most
advanced tool

for validating form deliverables

Find the missed leads and submission, find out why people are abandoning your forms using Formstory and increase conversion rate on your forms by at least 15%.

Analyze form responses

And find about your Missed Leads

For too long you've not known exactly why your form journey does not convert. Now, you can truly understand how your form is performing, and measure it over time. FormStory can be set up quickly and easily (no developer needed!) on any of your forms, no matter how they are built, giving you access to insights and improvements within minutes.

Best form analytics and statistics

to fill the gap in your analytics stack

Spot fields that people repeat or take longer than average to complete and remove them or split into two steps. Spot the field visitors are working on before abandoning the form entirely. Compare field completion times to judge difficulty and improve field order and more.

Formstory is phenomenal

Absolutely flawless at the current price point. Formstory offers just about everything you'd expect from more expensive competitors.

Kosara K.

Formstory is shockingly

Formstory is shockingly good value for money, with great features that exceed the competition, I honestly don't know how they do it.

Adam H.

I am so happy

I am so happy with Formstory. I have learned a lot and have been able to give my clients a lot of information that I didn't expect to see otherwise.

Tana C.

Very good

Very good, and their customer service is excellent.

Sandi A.

There are two pieces of code that you will have to install on your site - one triggers on form load and the other on successful form completion.

Not yet, but it’s a coming-on feature.

The FormStory model is simple and you can view the different packages available on our pricing page.

A form session is an individual user visiting your form. That user will then be tracked until they either complete the form or have thirty minutes of inactivity. At that point the form session will be closed off and the data pushed into the Zuko dashboard.

No, you can add other users to your account for free from within your dashboard.


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