Stop Losing Leads

Track and Monitor Web Forms

FormStory's form tracking and monitoring prevents form errors.
No more lost potential and lost revenue!

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Tracking is a MUST

Companies actively track their web forms experience a 50% increase in form submissions compared to those that do not track their forms.


The estimated value of lost leads because of form malfunctioning in the US. only.

61% Marketers

Say that scoring leads is one of their biggest challenges.

How Form Tracking works?

FormStory believes in simplicity: web form tracking software so simple, you can start optimizing your lead capture journey in just 4 easy steps.

Start work


Enter the URL address

of the website containing the form you want to monitor.


Select a part of the form

you want to monitor.


Copy & paste provided script into the <head> of your website’s source code.

After the form monitoring will start.


Get Instant Notification

when a Form is Submitted, Abandoned or Broken.

Are you capturing every lead that comes through your website?

You often miss out on potential leads as you don’t consider tracking form submissions.

FormStory's website form monitoring uses advanced algorithms to track every form submission, ensuring no data is missed. 

Securely storing inputs in an external environment means every potential lead is captured and accounted for. 

Are you notified about partial entries or form issues?

Imagine the potential revenue slipping through your fingers simply because you're not immediately aware of lost leads.

It's frustrating, isn't it? You know there's interest in your products or services, but without real-time form tracking, those leads could be slipping away unnoticed.

With FormStory, say goodbye to lost leads and hello to instant notifications, in case of partial entries, form issues, or form abandonment. Our advanced form tracking system captures every form submission with precision, ensuring that no customer goes unnoticed.

Do You Have Data of Lost Leads?

Missed opportunities due to unclear data?

Don't settle for guesswork when it comes to your forms. Every lost lead means potential lost revenue.

FormStory's form analytics feature provides visibility into your form performance in real-time. Track every submission, bounce, and conversion with precision. Identify sticking points and bottlenecks in your conversion funnel, so you can take targeted action to optimize your forms for maximum impact.

Don't just collect data – use it to unlock your full business potential.


See what FormStory's users have to say!

As the owner of a growing digital marketing agency, finding efficient ways to capture and manage leads is crucial. FormStory transformed our approach, ensuring no lead slips through due to form malfunctions. It's simple, effective, and the analytics provide insights we didn't even know we needed. A game-changer for our business!

Transitioning our FinTech platform to prioritize user engagement and lead capture was a challenge until we found FormStory. Its seamless integration with our systems and the capability to handle forms across various services boosted our conversion rates. The ease of use is exactly what we needed to stay agile and responsive in a competitive market.

FormStory revolutionized our law firm's online client intake process. Previously, we struggled with low conversion rates and missed opportunities. Since adopting FormStory's solutions, our click-to-consultation rate surged by 28% in just a few months. Their insights into form optimization helped us identify and address sticking points. Highly recommended

As an online course provider, our digital presence is vital for attracting new students. FormStory's innovative approach to form optimization significantly impacted our enrollment rates. After implementing their suggestions, we saw 36% increase in course sign-ups through our website forms. This improvement has opened exciting growth opportunities for our academy.

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