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Audience Analysis Guide: Main Types, Importance & More

Understanding who visits your website by doing audience analysis, what they seek, and how they behave is essential for maximizing user engagement and experience on a website. It’s how you communicate your value proposition to potential customers, build relationships with them using audience analytics, and attract visitors to your website. To

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How to Collect Customer Data, Analyze and Manage It

Businesses cannot afford to make decisions based on gut instincts or assumptions and data-driven strategies rooted in specific customer data is a key in winning the competition and being successful in marketing. Comprehensive customer analytics holds the key to deeply understanding your audiences, crafting tailored experiences, and serving customers in

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How to Properly Implement Form Abandonment Tracking and Win Users Back

You’ve invested significant time and money driving traffic to your site; eager visitors arrive clearly interested in your offerings, interact with your content, scroll through pages, and finally reach your conversion-driving web form. This is the moment of truth. However, instead of hitting submit, an alarming percentage of those visitors

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Data Enrichment Guide: Benefits, Techniques, Examples & More

In the modern data-driven world, it is crucial to know what data enrichment is, as this is a process that goes beyond refining information. It improves existing datasets by incorporating valuable insights, thereby providing a more solid foundation for making informed decisions. The enrichment of data is vital in driving

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Guide to Landing Page Testing Strategies, KPIs, and Mistakes

Landing pages are the digital storefronts that attract, engage, and convert site traffic into leads and sales. However, most landing pages fail to capitalize on their visitors and achieve their full potential. There are, both complex yet straightforward and also simple landing page testing techniques to fuel the growth by

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Lead Scoring Guide: Models, Best Practices & Calculation

If you find yourself manually processing a large number of leads, wasting time on low-quality leads, or dealing with a ton of conversions without knowing which leads to prioritize, it’s time to start using lead scoring in your business. Lead scoring in marketing involves evaluating leads based on their level

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What is Website Personalization and How to Implement it?

Want to skyrocket customer engagement and stop serving every website visitor the same stale, generic content? Website content personalization is the key. Businesses need to find ways to stand out and deliver a superior customer shopping experience and tailoring and personalizing your website’s content to each visitor’s unique interests and

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Data Decay: What are the Causes, Challenges & Solutions

Data is everywhere – it propels business growth. You can utilize your data to better understand your target market and make smarter decisions, but what happens if this information changes or is missing key details? “ No data is clean, but most is useful.“ -Dean Abbott, Co-founder and Chief Data

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