How-to Track Web Forms in Joomla

Apr 27, 2024 - Mike Hakob

Every form on your website is an important communication channel with potential customers. Uncompleted form submissions are essentially missed opportunities for new business and revenue.

Research shows that a significant portion of visitors, more than two-thirds, leave without completing their forms. Based on my content marketing expertise, I’ve learned that there’s always a strategy for overcoming challenges—you just need to be ready to implement it.

Let’s dive into how you can leverage FormStory with your Joomla website or opt for Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration. This approach is key to capturing all potential leads and avoiding form-related issues like incomplete submissions and technical errors.

How to Set Up FormStory in 3 Steps

Step N1: Log into your FormStory account and enter the URL containing the form you want to track. If you don’t have an account, sign up using your Google account or create a new one by clicking “Create Account”.


Step N2: Select the part of the Form you want to monitor.


Step N3: Copy & paste the provided script into the <head> of your website’s source code.

FormStory tracking script

How to Add Tracking Code to Your Joomla Website

To configure FormStory on your Joomla site follow the steps below. Keep in mind, that the process can be slightly different based on the template you are using.

There are 2 methods of adding the tracking code to your Joomla website.

Method N1: Index.php File of the Template:

  • Navigate to ‘Extensions’ > ‘Templates’ >
  • Choose ‘The template you are currently using’,
  • Modify the index.php file by placing the given script immediately before the closing </head> tag.

Method N2: Custom HTML Module Approach:

  • Generate a new module with the type ‘Custom HTML’
  • Embed the given script within it.
  • Choose ‘debug’ (or an equivalent hidden position) for the module’s location and ensure it is applied across all pages.

If you face any difficulties, check out the documentation specific to your template and Joomla edition.

With FormStory, you’re not just getting insights; but also capturing those almost-lost entries and getting timely notifications. Imagine the boost in revenue when no opportunity slips through the cracks! So, why wait? Start exploring!

Mike Hakob

Mike Hakob is a seasoned digital marketing maven with over 15 years of mastery, and the visionary Co-Founder of FormStory. As the driving force behind Andava Digital, he has dedicated his expertise to empowering small to medium-sized businesses, crafting tailor-made websites and pioneering innovative marketing strategies. With a graduate degree in Management of Information Systems, Mike seamlessly blends the realms of technology and marketing, consistently setting new industry benchmarks and championing transformative digital narratives.